Drooff Kaminofen


Stoves with a short life span and with poor combustion technology do not make us any fun. In addition, they burden our environment unnecessarily.

That is why we always design DROOFF stoves with the requirement that function and combustion technology are much better than the statutory standards stipulate.

In addition to our claim to build the cleanest stoves in the world, we want to inspire people who are equally important to the environment and design. To construct these stoves we need above all one:



DROOFF stoves stand for environmental awareness and technical innovation that not only protects nature but also your wallet. With our forward-looking idea, you too can easily make a contribution to environmental protection! For every environmentally friendly DROOFF stove, we plant a tree and thereby help reforest our forests.

The DROOFF environmental seal for environmentally friendly fireplaces

Full-Grown spruce has already stored a ton of carbon dioxide in her life. At the same time, the tree filters water for itself and its surroundings, thus ensuring the natural nutrient exchange of the forest. Global deforestation endangers the balance of nature. The consequences are not only serious for flora and fauna, but ultimately for us humans as well. Climate change, extinction of species and air pollution are common concepts these days. Together, we can stand up for the preservation of our forests and thus continue to enjoy the unique facets of nature in the future.
If every German today planted a tree, 132,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide would have been stored in 100 years, thus making a valuable contribution to preserving nature. Therefore, not only opt for a CO₂-neutral fireplace, but also for a greener future.


Drooff Kaminofen

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