Who are Woodwarm stoves?

Woodwarm stoves are handcrafted in the UK. Our passion for quality, design and the environment has helped us produce stoves that combine state of the art efficiency with reduced pollution to create really environmentally friendly appliances. Woodwarm Stoves are constructed with a steel body with cast iron and stainless-steel fittings. Each one is individually built by craftsmen and are rigorously tested to ensure consistent quality. Some of our fires are still in use some 40 years on, what else do you have that's still working at 40 years old? We know how to keep the glass clean; we know how to get the maximum use from your fuel, we are unrivalled in our canopy, fuel, colour, leg, handles, plinth, and pedestal, options. Because you buy a house for comfort and as an investment, your choice in a stove should be the same.

Why buy a Woodwarm Stove?

We are very proud of our production process and final product. We aim to provide a totally immersive experience from start to finish. Firstly, our craftsmen pay attention to detail, creating innovative and contemporary products; they exhaustively adhere to manufacturing specifications to create beautiful quality checked appliances. Then our handpicked and immensely hard-working sales outlets provide you with a bespoke service, from choosing which stove is perfect for your requirements, right to the finish of your installation. To complete the process, our approachable after sales team are readily available to assist you with any queries. Throughout, our main aim is to always give really good service and value to our customers. Please refer to our internet sales policy

Woodwarm environmental focus.

We are very lucky to be located in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside. Environmental issues are always foremost in our minds; we cannot afford to ignore the evidence of global warming. Wood can be a sustainable fuel, boasting the fact that not only can trees be carbon neutral by absorbing as much carbon in their growth as they release when they are burnt, but they also by reducing the level of air pollutants by intercepting airborne particles and absorbing pollutant gasses. For this reason, we have designed all our stoves to be able to be used as a dedicated wood burner that do not drain the planet of its rich resources. We would like to encourage anyone using a WoodBurner to plant a tree at least once a year. There are many inexpensive charity tree planning associations in the UK. We choose to plant a tree for every Ecodesign Ready Stove we sell through “Trees for Cities”. Read more at www.treesforcities.org

Furthermore, Woodwarm would also like to encourage stove users to burn dry wood that has been properly sourced and seasoned to at least 20% moisture so the stove produces fewer particulates, more heat efficiency and less maintenance – chimneys are less likely to block and will remain easier to sweep. While we continue to develop new and enhanced products to improve efficiency and clean burning, it is the critical issue of wood fuel that plays the biggest role in the air quality solution across existing and new appliances.

Woodwarm are active members of the Stove Industry Alliance

Woodwarm Wood burning and multifuel heating at its best.

oodwarm have been producing Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves for over 40 years and are still infused with the same passion for creating one of the most important heating decisions a home owner will need to make.
They are unrivalled with options from Boilers to heat water to leg frames, plinth, pedestals and flue adaptors, this is because each stove and its parts are hand built here in the UK.
Handmade, hand designed, reliability assured.

The Fireview Range, The Woodwarm Multi Fuel range of stoves allowing a vast array of fuels to be burned from Brown Coal (Lignite) through Homefire ovals, Ancit (and other coal derivatives) to Wood, all without the need to alter the construction of the stove.

The WildWood Range, Wood burning is quickly becoming the fuel of choice due to its sustainability, and being Carbon Neutral is far less damaging on the environment. Did you know a tree will release as much carbon dioxide rotting in the woods as it does heating your home?

The Enigma Range, 3.5kW inset and 8.0kW Freestanding stoves, A single door displaying the charm of a two door stove, a vital aspect to keeping the glass clean at all times. Fixed grate incorporating the log retainer.

The Slender Range, Multi Fuel and Woodburning Stoves all designed for the larger look but with a reduced output, (ideal for small rooms with big fireplaces).

The Double Sided Range, Double sided stoves are available in combinations of double-sided single depth and double-sided double depth, effectively two stoves back to back. These are extremely popular with barn conversions or where two rooms connect via the fireplace.

The FoxFire, This superb little stove boasts 82% efficiency on both coal and wood, DEFRA approval, and with the ability to pipe air directly to the stove, makes it the stove of choice for new build housing.

The Phoenix Range, The latest addition to the Woodwarm family, the Phoenix Range represent a very minimal looking stove, fuss free with a very modern look, DEFRA approval for use in smokeless zones, and with the ability to pipe air directly to the freestanding stoves makes it the stove of choice for new build housing.


Why Choose Yarlet Stoves?

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to all our customers from initial enquiry through to installation.